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How does the 1 Hour work?

There will be four 1 Hour waves taking place throughout the day. The aim is to see how many laps of our 1 mile course you can complete in 60 minutes. When signing up for the event, runners will be able to choose their start time / wave.

The wave options are currently:

13:00pm – Community Mile Wave

How is my finish distance calculated?

We have ‘timing mats’ (or chip readers) located every 0.1 mile on the 1 mile route. Your official finish distance will be calculated by the last timing mat you run over when the hooter sounds after 1 hour. For example, if you complete five laps and cross four timing mats on your sixth lap before the finish buzzer sounds, your finish distance will be 5.4 miles.

How will I know how much time I have left when I’m running?

There will be at least two digital clocks out on the 1 mile route which will all be counting down from 1 hour, so you’ll have a good idea of how much time you have left when you’re out on the course. We will also have audio countdowns and most importantly a loud buzzer when your time is up! Runners are more than welcome to use GPS watches to aid them with their pacing.

What happens once the hour is up?

When the finish buzzer sounds and your challenge is complete, you will have 10 minutes to walk back to the Emirates Stadium where you’ll receive your hard earned medal and finish treats INSIDE the stadium! Wherever you are on the course when the buzzer sounds, you will never be more than 0.5 miles away from the start/finish area. Once you’ve collected your medal and got that all important selfie, you will walk down the players tunnel to exit the stadium and enter our Event Village where you’ll be able to celebrate your amazing achievement with your family and friends. If you have any energy left, we’d love it if you could stay and cheer on all the other runners in the later waves!

Why is the route 1 Mile?

This is a totally unique running challenge and we have created the perfect conditions for you to run as far as you possibly can in 1 Hour. In addition to being fast and flat, the 1 mile route will enable you to effectively pace yourself and pass your cheering supporters on multiple occasions. With engaging route activations to keep you entertained, the stage is set for you to push yourself to new limits.


Sunday October 10: Emirates Stadium (Please note all timings are subject to change)

07:00 – Event Village Opens

07:00 – Bag Drop Opens

07:15 – Islington 1 Hour Start Pens Open

08:00 – First 1 Hour Wave Starts

09:15 – Second 1 Hour Wave Starts

10:30 – Third 1 Hour Wave Starts

11.45 – Fourth 1 Hour Wave Starts

13:00 – Community Mile Wave Starts

14:00 – Roads Reopened

14:00 – Event Village and Bag Drop Closes


The adidas City Runs: Islington 1 Hour takes place on Sunday 10 October. Due to the scale and numbers participating, it will be necessary to implement a road closure along a small section of Drayton Park, between Whistler Street and Aubert Park. This is so we can facilitate the safe passage of the participants. Please be aware that the road closures could impact your travel arrangements on the day, and you should make arrangements in advance.

For further assistance or questions regarding the route and how this might affect your journey on Sunday 10 October please contact  community@adidascityruns.com.


Throwing down a fitness challenge is one of the best ways of boosting employee health and wellbeing at your company. adidas City Runs are not only a great way for the office to keep fit, but also provide opportunities for your workforce to socialise, work towards a common goal as a team and raise some money for charity.

That’s why we are offering exclusive entry packages for businesses. If your business is up for getting involved, please email us on hello@adidascityruns.com to discuss your group entry further!


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